Holographic Communication Data Disc

"Our commitment is to enrich and empower the lives of people throughout the world using 

breakthrough personal improvement technology."


Michelle Hanchey, President


Breakthrough Technology which is


combining holographic technology

acupuncture principles in order to

achieve total wellness to our body

Understanding Bio-resonance

Bio-resonance is the field of Energetic Medicine that detects and works with electromagnetic frequency information generated by the body. Bio refers to a living organism and resonance means 'to vibrate in harmony with'. Our body cells generate tiny electrical impulses that interact or communicate with neighboring cells. Cells continuously emit and respond to these signals. These signals are in the form of oscillations or vibrations (frequency) and the oscillation pattern has been found to differ between a healthy person and a sick person. Oscillations from a cell burdened with foreign substances such as bacteria, toxins, etc., also have a different structure to that of a healthy cell.

All cells in the body emit minute electrical signals and these signals are used as a means of communication between cells. If a cell is in a good health, its signal will be harmonious and resonate in a free manner with other cells in the body. If a pathogen (toxin, virus, parasites etc) attacks a cell, then the signal coming from the cell becomes distorted.

This distorted signal (low in vibration) will communicate & affect other cells around to be vibrated at the distorted signal & thus we get sick or have a weaker body. The body is said to be “out of tune”.


What 8ight Asia Disc Does On Our Body ?

8ightAsia disc has been programmed with specific frequencies (signal) of color, sound, geometric shapes & numbers in order to “tune back” the distorted signal in our body. In this way, our 8ightasia disc balances the bio-coherence of our body & achieves our total wellness!


Step 1: Temperature Differentiation

When we stick a holographic disc on our body, there is a temperature differential between our body & the environment. This effect will create an energy vortex between the hologram & the skin & stimulate acupuncture point.


Step 2: Acupuncture Point

Our 8ightasia holographic disc uses TCM principle of acupuncture, stimulating the acupuncture points with the hologram (act like acupuncture needle) to send a signal to our body to retrieve the information & act on it.

Acupuncture points has the highest resonance along the meridian & thus it can retrieve the signal from the disc and send the information to the body more effectively.

With the energy vortex, resonance of the acupuncture points & photons of light , the information (frequency of color, sound, geometric shapes & number) are transferred into our body and delivered through our meridian to the organ.

On going research of acupuncture using Western medicine techniques is showing that:

acupuncture stimulates the release of pain-relieving endorphins
acupuncture influences the release of neurotransmitters, substances that transmit nerve impulses to the brain
acupuncture influences the autonomic nervous system
acupuncture stimulates circulation
acupuncture influences the electrical currents of the body



Step 3: Meridian

Meridian act as the delivery system to send the information and energy to the (organ).


Step 4: Result/ Benefit

The information will reach the targeted organ/area through meridian in our body.

Eg: we place actionTM disc on acupuncture point: Nei GuanPE 6. The information will travel through pericardium meridian & reach at heart.

This information (frequency) will “tune back” the poor signal in the cell that is causing low energy and tiredness in our body.

After normalizing the signal, the cells will perform in their optimum condition to improve our blood circulation, oxygenating our cells . Our body will be more energetic after sticking the actionTM disc on Nei GuanPE 6 point. 



• more energy • increased strength • maximum endurance • increased agilityincreased balance & stability • relieve fatigue

  or tiredness

Suitable for : exercise, tired student, housewives, long working hours, long journey drive



relieve all kinds of aches and pains

Suitable for : muscle strains & sprains, menstrual pain, headaches & migraines, sports injury, shoulder, neck pain, chronic pains eg arthritis



calm brain and heart promote quality sleep

Suitable for : anyone with sleep problems




suppress appetite optimize metabolism, lose weight

Suitable for : anyone who wants to manage weight problems




• normalize hormone levels, anti-ageing, boost libido

Suitable for : any woman for anti-ageing, menstrual pain, menopausal women



• boost testosterone levels • male hormonal enhancement • improves sexual drive • body muscle building

Suitable for : any man seeking better sexual drive, better physique



• to counteract EMF radiation

Suitable for every one who uses a hand phone, computer, laptop , microwave or any wireless device

These acupuncture points are the recommended placement points for each product and serve to give more information on the meridian and
organs targeted for healing purposes 





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